The OOFKAUU seems to be a system about systems, an abstraction of an ideal ecology which produces scenarios for actual ecological experiences. It may be thought through as a thought-forming tool for clarifying the variances between thinking and cognizing. The orientation is towards clearly articulating - in one language or another - where the known may end and the potentially unknowable might begin. The OOFKAUU seems to evade definitions of limits while proliferating the mysterious potential of what may or may not exist beyond them. To this extent the OOFKAUU chatters in specialized dialects worlded within a cosmological dialectic, relating each to each other, in order to elucidate the fissures and interstices of comprehension shared between active and activating minds.


       Simply put: the OOFKAUU consists of a set of propositions for relating - not rules or notations per say, so much as a compendium of suggestions on how performers in certain roles and certain relational scenarios might orient themselves to themselves and each other and create spontaneous experiences that seeks out and clarify the unknown variables within the collective awareness. To put it more simply: the OOFKAUU is a non-method for would-be performers to enact controlled improvisations motivated by uncovering new ways of thinking and sensing. To put it even more simply: the OOFKAUU is an outline for a potential performance, a performance of potential, or a potential performativity.